The Voltago company mission is to provide outstanding quality electric scooters and full repair service to all of our customers after the initial sale.


Trusted scooters and service you can count on from the sale and years to come.

We are one of the oldest electric scooter companies formed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA in 2006, under the name of our storefront Super Cycles & Scooters. The Voltago Scooter brand was created for our in-house scooter line in 2018, as a more recognizable global brand name. When you buy a Voltago electric scooter, we will always be here for you before and after the sale to answer your questions and provide repairs on your machine if needed.

The truth about most electric scooter companies

In our experience, most electric scooter companies only care about the initial sale. We found that very few companies have extensively researched the product they are selling and as a result do not stock all parts to service the scooter after it leaves their shop. Additionally, a large portion of electric scooter companies greatly exaggerate their specs such as top speed and battery life.

The Voltago promise

At Voltago, we strive to provide the truth in our scooters’ specs, in-depth knowledge of the product, and service by a trained professional after the initial sale. We always have a well stocked parts inventory to provide full service to your machine. We are firm believers in the right to repair, unlike some companies that force you to send the product back to the manufacturer for the simplest of repairs costing you hundreds of dollars in shipping. We strongly advise against buying from “here today and gone tomorrow” companies, which lead you to purchase a product that will one day need a part that can’t be found easily.

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The Voltago “Cruzer” is a budget friendly, full featured electric scooter that emphasizes comfort & portability over speed & power. The Cruzer is the perfect electric scooter for beginners, or anyone looking for both a relaxing & fun experience driving on smooth paved surfaces like roads or sidewalks.

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Our “VX8-DUO” electric scooter is built for customers that want powerful acceleration & power, portability, and the ability to both sit down or stand up to ride. The 8 in “VX8” stands for 800 watts, and “DUO” makes this a dual 800 watt motor configuration. While in “dual motor sport mode”, the VX8-DUO has incredible torque, acceleration, and will reach its maximum speed of 30-34 mph within seconds. We only recommend dual motor sport mode for highly skilled riders with exceptional balance, vision, judgment, and experience on similar two wheel machines. If you are looking for a high performance scooter at a lower cost, this is the scooter for you.

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The Voltago Ultra 1800 is based on our popular Super Turbo 1000-Elite. It’s the same basic design with many improvements. The most notable improvement is the 1800 Quiet Drive Hub Motor. This motor is completely silent and since it is a hub drive it doesn’t have a chain resulting in less maintenance. The battery is a 48v Deep Cell SLA however it can be upgraded to lithium to further increase its range and power. It boasts a top speed of up to 32mph and a max range of up to 18 miles on a single charge on a large steel durable frame. It is also equipped with 10” tall and 3.5” wide thick all-terrain tires, a rear brake/taillight, and an eco-mode that limits the speed to 16mph for beginners. See Full Description
The Voltago VT-5 is the most feature-filled premium lightweight electric scooter available. The most notable features are a max speed of up to 28mph and an impressive ride distance of up 25 miles on a single charge! The VT-5 is one of the only lightweight scooters that includes full front and rear suspension, adjustable handlebar height, and thick all-terrain tires. See Full Description
The Voltago VT-5 MAX is the most feature-filled premium lightweight electric scooter available. The most notable features are a max speed of up to 28mph and an insane ride distance of up 40 miles on a single charge! The VT-5 MAX is one of the only lightweight scooters that includes full front and rear suspension, adjustable handlebar height, adjustable and removable seat, item storage bag, phone holder, red LED under glow safety lights, and thick all-terrain tires. See Full Description
The 3k Beast is our most powerful model available.This scooter isn’t for just anyone! It can be very dangerous if ridden by an inexperienced rider. We only recommend this powerful electric scooter for adults with outstanding balance, vision and throttle control as it’s capable of doing wheelies! Improving upon our 2k beast we equipped the 3k beast with a 60v 20ah lithium battery and an even more powerful 3000watt motor! With a max speed of up to 38mph and a ride distance of up to 30 miles on a single charge. See Full Description
We are proud to announce the 2k Beast by Voltago. It boasts a maximum speed of 27-34mph and ride distance of up to 14 miles per charge. This scooter is competitively priced while offering an excellent value with a rugged off road look. The 2k Beast excels at on-road and light off-road terrain. With its 48v 2000w brushless motor, huge all terrain tires, impressive top speed, unique design, durable frame, and impressive torque; it’s simply one of the best scooters on the market today. See Full Description
If you are in the market for a high quality, powerful, durable, affordable, and fast electric scooter; supported by the best customer service and parts availability…. then look no further! The Super Turbo 1000-Elite is the internet’s highest-rated electric scooter. With tons of positive reviews on Amazon, YouTube, and other online sites….it is easily the overall best buy an electric scooter! See Full Description
We took our high quality, powerful, durable, affordable, and fast Super Turbo 1000-Elite to the next level. We have added LED Brake/Taillights, front splash guard, rear splash guard, and mirrors. See Full Description
This amazing scooter has been in production for over 10 years. With over 300 positive reviews on Amazon.com and several positive YouTube videos; it is easily the internet’s #1 rated electric scooter! We install the absolute highest quality parts on all our scooters. The Super Turbo 1000-Elite LED Edition is equipped with more features than any other electric scooter. It comes standard with front and rear disc brakes, dual rear adjustable shocks, a solid steel frame, folds in seconds, removable seat post, fat 10.5″ all-terrain tires, and a free tool kit plus charger. It includes features not found on other electric scooters such as an LED headlight, comfort seat, key switch ignition, turbo/Econo button, small storage bag, and deep cell lead-acid batteries. IT’S FAST! We use a true 1000watt 36v motor that spins at 3000rpms resulting in speeds of 18-27mph. See Full Description

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